Want to see what LG MARKETING TEAM can do For you?

We run campaigns in the mortgage, medical, and real estate industries. 

Our secret is the ability to track behaviors of your potential clients. Once they engage, and we realize they're a good fit, we continue to qualify them until we think we can release them to you.
You have a dream of one day not worrying about appointments and new flow of clients.

That's why you leave it to us.
You don't change your own oil.
You don't give yourself braces.
You don't perform surgery when needed.

You go to someone who does it everyday and who is the best.
This Loan Officer Had Over 139 People Wanting To Get A Loan
Here are some Results By Luke. Over 195 Leads For This Doctor in 40 Days.
A DC talks about his experience with LG Marketing
We also have a drone team to create masterpieces like the video you see here. When you have content that stands out it lowers price and brings major conversions for everyone.
"I'm Luke Guy.
Full-time Social Media Strategist and Manager.
Back in 2014, I began this journey while working in my 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job, and quickly replaced my life with a business that changed lives. I now run advertising and grow brands at rapid speeds.

Today I am empowering local businesses with leads daily.  Everyone deserves the freedom that I have found and enjoy each day...

I created our formula so we would have something unique. With my tools, knowledge, and modern methods, I'm taking over the advertising industry."
Here Are More Results From Luke Guy. Almost 1200 conversations were started for a company for under $200.
This campaign received over 500 leads and the leads were very responsive. For every $1 spent this campaign did $3-$4 from the measurements. 
See what this client had to say about Luke's campaign after working with other marketers.
• FAQ •
How does this work? Schedule a time with Luke and let's see if your company is a good fit.

Who is this marketing right for? This marketing was designed and caters to businesses who have services the world craves for daily. We help get your offer in a world full of noise and keep lead prices low and clientele quality high!
When you talk with Luke he'll show what's working in 2018. He'll explain why some ad formats have died and what ads are working today. Just talking with him could earn you thousands as you learn what's working in the advertising world today. One thing we do know, and that's having your personality displayed within media is key to success.
Social Media Examiner (the largest social media conference in the world) even wanted Luke's help for a project. Listen to the results he produced. 
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